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Lunchbox Admitted He Gets Fully Naked For His Massages

Lunchbox is known for some strange things he does, but this may be one of the weirdest.

Most people strip down their clothes for massages, but keep their under garments on that way they're not fully naked. However, Lunchbox admitted to Bobby Bones and his wife Caitlin that he likes to totally strip down and be in the nude when he gets a massage. He heard from a masseuse that getting massaged naked is way better as they don't have to mess with under garments during the actual massage.

Ever since hearing that, Lunchbox wanted to give it a try. So when he was with his wife getting a couple's massage recently, he gave going fully nude a try. During the massage he got a full scrub down and even confessed that, yes he was asked to lay on his back at times.