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TMSG:79-Year-Old Veteran Overwhelmed By TikTok Support After Scooter Breaks

79-year-old Navy veteran Kenny Jary from Minneapolis has become a TikTok sensation and gained more than 650,000 followers on the app.

Amanda Kline, Jary's neighbor, created the account to help show him just being a common guy. His followers found out his mobile scooter that he uses to get around had broken in a video posted to the account. But then it was Jary who broke down after he learned from Kline that his followers and other random strangers on the Internet came together to raise $5,000 to replaced his beloved, broken mobile scooter.

He was so thankful to people, he told CBS, "I could not believe it. I laid on the floor and just bawled because I'm an emotional person, so I'm so happy." The video of him receiving the news that $5K was raised for him to get a new mobile scooter went so viral that the GoFundMe is now up to more than $100,000.

After getting his new scooter, Jary plans to get some dental work, pay off debt, and help others. He told CBS, "We have plans to give back to some veterans, but we haven't announced it yet what the details are. But it'll be good."

Photo: Getty Images