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Eddie & Lunchbox Got Asked To Skydive With The U.S. Army Golden Knights

Eddie thinks his wife is going to kill him, and Lunchbox thinks the company is trying to kill him. All because the U.S. Army Golden Knights reached out to them offering up a chance to skydive.

The company is working on securing a partnership with the U.S. Army Golden Knights so they reached out to Bobby and Amy to see if they wanted to go skydiving with them for a cool opportunity. However, they both turned it down as they have skydived before. They then asked if Eddie and Lunchbox wanted to go with them. Eddie agreed to do it and it will be his first time ever skydiving, but now he thinks his wife will kill him because he said yes. Lunchbox thought the company wanted to kill him, but with the potential partnership he also agreed to go skydiving.

Look out in the coming months for videos of Eddie and Lunchbox completing this skydiving feat!