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TMSG: 6-Year-Old Sells Paintings To Buy Homeless Kids Halloween Costumes

6-year-old Brinkley Minter's favorite holiday is Halloween and she looks forward to it each year.

Within a day of having a conversation with her parents JR and Gwynne Mims Minter about homelessness, she's now combining her favorite holiday with her ability to help others. She asked her parents if she could host an "art stand" like a lemonade stand but with paintings. So she spent several of her days working on acrylic paintings. Her goal was to raise enough money to buy 16 costumes, which she was able to surpass within two days.

To date, she's raised over $2,900 with all of it going to purchase Halloween costumes for homeless kids. She plans to keep the momentum going through the end of the month.

Photo: Getty Images