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Chris Janson On Why He Gifted A Fan At Kroger One Of His Guitars

Chris Janson has several big hits, and he recently put out an emotional new song. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share the story behind the new track, talk about life lately as well as perform some of his songs.

Jason recently released his song "Bye Mom" which is a song that has an emotional backstory. His friend Brandon lost his mom in recent months. During that time of grief, Janson woke up in the middle of the night with this song's title and some lyrics. He texted Brandon right away and told him to call as soon as he woke up, because they had a song to write. Janson and Brandon jumped on a Zoom call and put together everything they had with the song. Right away Janson's wife and team loved the song. He noted that it really started as a tribute to Brandon's mom, but now it's grown into its own thing touching the lives of many fans. Janson said the reaction to "Bye Mom" is similar to the reaction he got with his song "Drunk Girl," where his fans are deeply connecting with it from their own past experiences.

This past month, Janson was in the news after his wife Kelly shared something really awesome he did for a fan at Kroger on her Instagram. Janson was at Kroger picking up some plants for their house when one of the Kroger workers recognized him. She told him all about her grandchild who is an aspiring singer and said she was saving up all of her money to get her a guitar for Christmas. That's when Janson called up his production manager Jason and had him meet him at Kroger with one of his guitars. Janson gifted the guitar to the Kroger worker who was shocked. When Janson recalled the whole situation with Bobby Bones, he said "It was the right thing to do." He said he hopes the little girl turns into a big star, noting that he loved getting to give back and blessing others by being blessed is the greatest gift to him.

He has several number 1 songs now, and notes it's a "humbling experience." Janson admits he would have been just as happy if he only got one number 1 song with his first hit "Buy Me A Boat." He performed several of the big hits on the show including "Buy Me A Boat," "Good Vibes," and "Done."