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Gary LeVox Asked Us To Play "Smash It Or Trash It" With His New Solo Song

Gary LeVox called into The Bobby Bones Show and asked Bobby to play a game with his new solo song.

As fans know, LeVox is the lead singer of the famous country group Rascal Flatts. In recent news though, the group decided to have a Farewell Tour and no longer put out new music together. LeVox still wanted to pursue music though, so he started working on some solo projects. He talked briefly about his new solo project with Bobby Bones before getting into the song game.

LeVox asked that Bones play "Smash It or Trash It" with his new song "Working On Sunday" that will be on his solo country project. However, Bones changed the name of the game to "Hump It or Dump It." The crew all listened to the song with Bones, Amy and Eddie all giving the song a "hump it" meaning they liked it. Give it a listen for yourself above and let him know what you think!