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Lunchbox & Abby Headed To Diamond State Park In Arkansas

Today was possibly Lunchbox's last day on The Bobby Bones Show.

Lunchbox and phone screener Abby left to go to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. They're headed down there to see if Lunchbox is able to find himself a diamond. We've had one listener on the show who was able to find a massive diamond in the park, and we've heard in recent months of other people able to find diamonds worth millions in the park. So the show decided to send down Lunchbox to see if he has any luck in finding a diamond.

He claims that if he finds a diamond worth a million dollars, he will leave the show. Now if he finds a diamond worth about $100,000 then he will only take off for a few weeks. Despite Abby driving him the whole way down and back due to his expired license, he claims if he finds a diamond worth anything he won't share the money with her.

Tomorrow (September 28) is the day Lunchbox will actually start digging for a diamond when the park opens at 8 a.m. We will report back what he finds!