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Movie Mike's: See It Or Skip It? 'CODA' on Apple TV+

I found something else you can watch on AppleTV+ besides Ted Lasso

There’s a new movie on there called CODA which stands for It stands for “child of deaf adults." It’s about this 17-year-old girl named Ruby who is the only hearing member of a deaf family that lives in Massachusetts. She works mornings before school to help her parents and brother keep their fishing business afloat. But both parents and her older brother are deaf so they need her help out on the boat. Then she joins her high school's choir club...and you find out she’s an amazing singer. But her family can’t hear how great she actually is….she doesn’t even know that she’s good because no one has heard her sing!

The movie is about her struggling to help her family’s business while pursuing her new dream of getting into the Berklee College of Music. It's not only a great coming-of-age story...but it is a very realistic look at the family and through the character development, you will find yourself putting yourself into their world. I would almost say it's a movie for the whole family...because of the values and struggles it depicts. But given the language, sexual content and minor drug use...can't really recommend you all sit down to watch it. However, it will make you emotional!

I give it 4 out of 5 fishing boats. Definitely "See It!"

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