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TMSG: 74-Year-Old Woman Fends Off Alligator To Save Dog

Suzan Marciano was at the Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park in Florida when an alligator attacked her dog.

During the evening walk on August 24th, Marciano was walking her two dogs near a lake in the southeast area of the park. Her 11-year-old dog Nalu was in the water a few feet when Marciano saw a dark shadow approach. The shadow turned out to be an alligator that jumped out of the water and attacked Nalu.

Marciano instinctively jumped into the water to rescue her beloved pet. She slammed her hands down on the gator. She told WPTV, "I didn't even think. I stepped into the water and came down on the alligator with both hands." During the struggle, her hand was bitten, but she was able to get her dog and herself away from the gator and back onshore.

Her hand was treated at the hospital where she got stitches. Nalu had to have an emergency surgery to drain and treat the bite marks, but since then she has been healing and staying clear of the water.

Photo: Getty Images