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Lunchbox Starts His Dig For Diamonds In Crater Of Diamonds State Park

Lunchbox is in Arkansas this morning (September 28th) so he can dig for diamonds in the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

He showed up ready to dig, looking much like a construction worker. He was wearing an orange vest along with a bucket hat and some gloves. During The Bobby Bones Show, he started digging for diamonds with the help of a bucket, and some other tools he rented from the park. Phone screener Abby shared a live stream of him walking through the park trying to look for the perfect spot. At first he tried to dig through some areas near drains, but they had already been picked over by other diggers.

So then he moved on to some other areas and started really digging for diamonds. At the time the show ended, Lunchbox had not found any diamonds yet. He will come into the show tomorrow (September 29) to share his findings, if any.