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Amy Cat-Shamed For Her Post After Giving Maggie A Bath

Amy and her family have been loving the addition of their new cat Maggie. Things have been going really well and she continues to share updates on her Instagram page.

Recently, she shared a cat update. It was a video of Maggie in Stachira's arms licking herself after they gave her a bath. Amy thought the video was really adorable and Maggie looked super sweet. However, that's when the trolls came out. People were cat-shaming Amy for giving Maggie a bath stating that cats don't need baths. Some of the cat owners in the comments claimed that because cats clean themselves, they don't need to have baths. Some were even noting that it's bad for the cats.

However, The National Cat Groomers Institute of America recommends states differently than the commenters. They suggest giving cats a bath once every 4-6 weeks.