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Amy Debates Taking Endorsement From Company That Turns Ashes Into Jewelry

Amy got pitched a potential client from the company and she's not sure if she should do an endorsement.

The company is called Eterneva and they take your loved humans or pets ashes after they've passed on, and turn them into jewelry for people to have a memorable piece of their loved ones. The company is popular with people looking to find a creative way to remember their loved ones other than having their ashes in an urn. This company is a potential client and wants Amy to endorse for them. She isn't sure though if the product is for her as it's not something she did with her father's ashes in recent months.

Bobby and Eddie encouraged her that it's something pretty cool and a lot of people may be interested in hearing about it. Towards the end of the segment, Amy agreed to look into endorsing for the company. Bobby and Eddie swayed her a little further into saying yes.