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Lunchbox Reveals His Findings From The Crater Of Diamonds State Park

After a long 7-hour drive each way in a 2022 Hyundai Tucson, Lunchbox and Abby are back from the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. He went down there to see if he could find a diamond digging in the park.

He spent the entire day yesterday (September 28) digging in the park trying to find a diamond worth millions. He rocked his bucket hat, a construction-type vest, and gloves as he toted around a shovel and bucket, along with other diamond mining tools. He even took time during his day to talk to other park goers asking them for advice on what he should do to find a diamond. Then he also took time to pray to the diamond Gods.

However, as it turns out he didn't have any luck. Before leaving, the park employees looked at his findings and said he only found rocks that were quartz, japser, and lava. So while some of them looked shiny, none of them were a diamond. He was very disappointed in his findings, as he hoped to find a diamond worth at least a million dollars so he could leave the show and buy a private island.

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