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The Show Determines Possible Punishments For Those Who Spoil Shows & Movies

Everyone hates getting a TV show or movie spoiled, whether it's brand new or they're watching it for the first time after a few years. People tend to avoid social media so they don't see spoilers, especially if they're about to go see a new movie or watch a TV show finale.

The Bobby Bones Show has some history with spoilers. Amy was the most known for it after she spoiled Avengers: Endgame right before Bobby Bones was set to go see it. And again recently for spoiling the new TV show Clickbait on the air. Then, Eddie was called out for spoiling new TV show Mare Of Easttown that the entire show was in the middle of watching. Morgan was also recently called out for spoiling the Harry Potter movies for Eddie after he shared on the show that he was enjoying watching him for the first time.

Because of all of these spoilers happening, Bones decided it was necessary to put some punishments in place for the next person who spoils anything. Some of the proposed punishments included:

  • They have to go out on a busy street during the show with a sign that says "Honk! If you think I'm a bad person for spoiling a TV Show/Movie" and they have to get 1,000 honks.
  • The next TV show they watch and love, they have to wait one year to watch the finale. If found out they watched it, $100 fine.
  • They get called "Poo Poo Pee Pee Buttface" on air for a week
  • They have to pay for everyone's streaming service bill for that month.
  • They have to change their Instagram profile picture by photoshopping on that little kid that pees on things.
  • Raymundo pitched for the person to have to drink spoiled milk.

Ultimately it was decided that the punishment will be the first suggestion, having to stand on a street corner with a sign trying to get 1,000 honks. But now the show members are scared to talk of any TV shows or movies out of fear they will have to do this punishment.