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Elvie Shane's Debut Album 'Backslider' Is Coming At The End Of October

Elvie Shane stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for his first appearance and to share some news on his upcoming project.

Relatively new to country music fans, but Shane has been around the country music industry for a few years now due to a viral hit. About 3 years ago, his song "My Boy" went viral but like most viral things, the virality wore off. However, the song got him a record deal. His song blew up again on TikTok last year. The song was actually inspired by his own life. He met his wife Mandy 10 years ago, she was a waitress and was showing interest in him. They pursued each other and he found out she had a 5-year-old boy. A year later, they got married and he became a stepdad. The song was written with inspiration from this personal story in 2016 about his experiences with being a stepdad. He admitted that it took 4 years since that song went viral for him to write anything else people were interested in. The song started stirring up so much again that he was asked to write a piece of the song where he changed the lyrics from "My Boy" to "My Girl" for stepdads with stepdaughters.

Shane didn't plan to pursue being an artist in country music, because he didn't know he could come to Nashville and make that a career until he was in his 20s. But as Shane puts it, he was no stranger to being around "characters." He says he grew up around a lot of interesting people because his dad is a truck driver. Not to mention his unique name coming from his grandfather, adding that it used to be a popular name back then.

Now he is fully pursuing his career and there are a lot of things in the works for him. He announced with us on the show that he's releasing his debut full length album Backslider on Friday, October 29th. The project features 15 songs, including six previously on his Country Roads EP. The closest song on the record to Shane is called "Miles (With My Mama)." When writing the song, it started out as a tribute to his father and his career as a truck driver. Then the song progressed when Shane experienced some angry feelings towards his father for not being around. The song ended up being about how Shane is actually a lot like his father, especially when it comes to his music career.

Elvie Shane is currently on the road with Brooks & Dunn. He performed his songs "My Boy" and "Miles" on The Bobby Bones Show today, watch his performances below!