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TMSG: Dog Alerts Neighbor When Owner Has A Stroke

68-year-old Lothar Weimann was suffering a stroke suddenly and he needed help. His wife was two hours away, so he was home alone with their two dogs. So one of the dogs jumped to some heroic bounds.

Despite suffering his own hereditary condition that causes joint pain and lameness, their 7-year-old German Shepherd Ellie ran for help. The dog opened at least three gate latches by herself before hoping the fence to a neighbor's nearby house, barking loudly for attention.

The neighbor Dan Burton came outside and walked Ellie back to her owner's home where he discovered Weimann's medical crisis. He dialed 911 to get help even though Weimann was slurring his speech, out of it and not his usual self.

He went to the hospital via emergency crews. It was confirmed he had a stroke and got diagnosed with heart problems and Type 2 diabetes. But he was alive thanks to his dog Ellie. He told Fox News, "A dog is always a very honest, very true kind of character. I will always say that dogs are the better humans. It’s good to have them around. If you have a dog, you have a companion for life."

Photo: Getty Images