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TMSG: Mountain Biker's Life Saved By Off-Duty Doctor While Out On Trail

Corrections officer Todd is an experienced cyclist and loves to go mountain biking on trails as a therapeutic distraction from work stress.

His therapeutic distraction though turned into a very stressful situation when he took a violent fall near a ravine. Todd recounts some of the moments of the fall to CBS News, "I remember landing on my stomach and my chest took the brunt of the impact. I managed to kind of scoot myself up on this embankment on the left-hand side, and that's where I sat. I was starting to see white spots. I'm like 'OK, this isn't cool... this isn't normal.'"

Medics had already arrived at the scene, and that's when emergency room doctor, Dr. Jesse Coenen approached. He goes to the park for mountain biking as a post-work solace much like Todd. They needed to perform an impromptu tracheotomy on Todd and Coenen performed it. Todd was then airlifted to a hospital, where he was treated for a traumatic brain injury.

He didn't remember Dr. Coenen until CBS Minnesota made a virtual introduction between the men. Coenen told Todd, "It's great to know that you're alive [...] I was not optimistic about the outlook, so being able to sit here and talk with you today, only 10 days later, is really unbelievable." Todd then thanked Dr. Coenen, "I can send you the biggest virtual hug that is known to anybody." The two have since made plans to meet next summer and go for a ride.

Photo: Getty Images