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Bobby Thinks We Should Get Rid Of This Age Old Wedding Tradition

Bobby Bones and his wife Caitlin got married earlier this summer, but there's something they still have to do from the big celebration.

As many married couples know, after receiving all of the gifts for your wedding, it's time to write "thank you" cards. They have been an age old tradition for weddings ever since anyone can remember. It's a nice thing to do to thank your loved ones for celebrating you and giving you something.

However, Bones doesn't think we always have to stick with tradition and he particularly feels that way about "thank you" cards for wedding gifts. He thinks at this point sending a specialized video, or even just noting in person that you're thankful for the gift would suffice. He's admittedly one of those people who doesn't care to get the mail, or be on the receiving end of the cards so he assumes there are probably others like him.

Although Caitlin disagrees, and they are still writing "thank you" cards to all of their guests. Bones and Caitlin did however send some specialized videos to Amy and Mike D who noted that they were better than a "thank you" card. They showed them unwrapping the gift and showing it off, all while saying a big thanks.