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Mitchell Tenpenny On Why He Quit College Football To Pursue Music

Mitchell Tenpenny is promoting his next single and currently touring. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually to talk about his latest projects and share stories about his time playing sports, as well as his relationship.

Before pursuing music full time, Tenpenny was also an athlete playing college football. However, he wasn't able to keep up with playing music until 3 a.m. and then waking up a few hours later each day to go to football practices. He played linebacker and tight end, and admitted that he did get a lot of concussions. Pursuing his music career worked out for him though, and he talked about the first time he heard his song on the radio. It actually caught Tenpenny off guard because he thought he was playing his mixes. Then he looked at the stereo system to see the radio playing. He called his mom and confessed they had a good little cry.

Tenpenny's next single is "Truth About You," which he said is a cumulative story song. All of the songwriters contributed stories from their dating lives. For Tenpenny, he was pulling on past relationships as things are still going really strong with Meghan Patrick. He says them spending more time together last year was more than they would have ever had and they came out of it stronger than ever.