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Dr. Oz Answers Questions About Colonoscopies, Sleep Habits, & The Flu Shot

The Bobby Bones Show is always in need of some professional medical advice based on discussions that happen during the show. Every so often we call Dr. Oz to get our question answered.

Despite being 41-years-old, younger than the typical need for such a procedure, Bobby Bones told the show a few weeks ago that he has to have a colonoscopy. The procedure is supposed to help with his severe stomach issues/IBS. Bones found out from Dr. Oz that he's actually not going to be put under for the procedure, he will just been given some strong medication. The information freaked Bones out as he fully thought he would be knocked out during the whole situation. He asked Dr. Oz a question that a lot of people have always wanted to ask doctors, should patients clean up their private areas before going in for such procedure? Dr. Oz noted that doctors do notice those things and yes, patients should clean up however best they can. On a more serious note, Dr. Oz's life was saved with a colonoscopy at the age of 50, they found a pre-cancerous polyp. He encouraged anyone around Bones age and older to start thinking about getting the procedure done. He also gave some pro tips to Bones in preparation. He suggested not eating much the day before, and then eating lightly the day before that so the medicine you have to take prior to the procedure doesn't hurt as bad, and it's a more comfortable preparation.

For those looking to get their annual flu shot, Dr. Oz said it is safe to get both the COVID vaccine and flu shot around the same time. New research just came out and stated there are minimal to no side effects when taking these two things around the same time frame. He noted if people are concerned about it, it's not a bad idea to get them a few days apart.

On the show in recent weeks, we've been discussing energy drinks and whether people should be consuming them. Dr. Oz shared that if the cans say less than 200mg of caffeine, it's fine to drink every so often. However, he noted that the drinks don't work like you think they do. They're actually taking energy from your energy bank, which is why you'll always feel more tired later in the day if you drink them. On the note of feeling lethargic, Dr. Oz also addressed the importance of getting enough sleep. He noted that sleeping issues are the number 1 cause of other health problems in the United States. He suggested getting the 'Sleep Score' app to help monitor and measure your sleeping habits to ensure you're getting enough quality sleep. Dr. Oz noted that a sleep hygiene routine is also a good idea. Doing things like turning the lights down, turning the temperature down, turning off any crazy noises, and getting into comfortable clothes can certainly help with sleep issues.

For anyone who is dealing with some chronic body pain and seeing chiropractors, Dr. Oz also shared that these are good to have in a patient's life. They understand the body in a different way than traditional doctors. While he doesn't like the neck manipulation some do, he thinks the rest of the work they're doing is really helpful to the human body.