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Raymundo Wanted To Pull Prank Over On Eddie With His Latest Jingle

The Bobby Bones Show is known for pulling pranks on each other, however things have taken a turn for the mean lately.

Raymundo is the latest person who wanted to pull a prank over on a show member. Eddie recently wrote a jingle along with Brandon Ray for the Morgan & Morgan jingle contest. They have yet to hear back if their jingle was picked even though John Morgan himself said it was one of the better ones of their submissions. Raymundo wanted to convince John Morgan to call in and congratulate Eddie on winning their jingle contest. He wanted to tell Eddie they got the $100,000 and then a few days later reveal it was all a joke.

Bobby Bones ultimately decided against the prank, so that's why Raymundo was able to share his plan on the show. Eddie noted that would have been bad if he was pranked in this way.