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TMSG: Blind 15-Year-Old Is Now A Starting Quarterback

15-year-old Jasen Bracy developed retinal cancer as a toddler. At just 7-years-old, his sight was gone. He's always liked sports, but really wanted to play football.

His dad, also with the same name, shared that once Bracy got his own phone, he became his own agent and called teams around the area asking coaches how he could start playing football.

Coach for the Modesto Raiders David Nichols felt compelled to find a way to make it work after hearing Bracy on the phone, he told Bracy, "Come on we'll figure it out."

Bracy then memorized every play and where every player is supposed to be. He did such a great job, Coach Nichols made him quarterback. His dad assists in guiding him from the sidelines with a walkie talkie, which Bracy is able to hear through his helmet. He recently was able to lead the Raiders to a victory against one of the teams that turned him down.

His ultimate goal is to make it all the way to the NFL, he told CBS News, "I don't even want a team to know that I can't see because they might ease up on me."

Photo: Getty Images