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5 Things We Learned About Reba McEntire on The BobbyCast

Bobby Bones sat down with the legend herself Reba McEntire on the latest episode of The BobbyCast. Reba shared stories behind her new project Revived Remixed Revisited including a new version of “Does He Love You” with Dolly Parton. She talked about the time she made her Opry debut and had her set cut short because of Parton. She also discussed where her love of corn dogs came from and how her Reba TV show almost didn’t happen. 

Here are the top 5 things we learned!

1. She really did turn down a role on Titanic

Reba confirms that she had been given the part of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" on the Titanic. She went and auditioned for James Cameron and was set to film, but then they shifted production dates 3 months. Reba said she already had a tour booked and didn’t want to let her crew down and the people depending on her for that concert to happen. So she turned down the part. 

2. She goes to Starbucks and grocery shops by herself

Since she is so famous, Bones asked Reba if she ever just pops into Starbucks to get coffee. Reba confirms that not only does she just go to Starbucks, but she also goes grocery shopping by herself. She said she has no problem and doesn’t get bothered by people. She shares a funny story where the cashier asked her if the Beano she was buying actually works. 

3. The first time she saw Dolly Parton was at Reba's Opry Debut

Reba remembers the exact date that she first laid eyes on Parton. Reba was making her Opry debut and was told that she was going to have to cut her performance down to only one song because Parton had just pulled up, surprising everyone. Reba said she watched her walk by and it wasn't until years later that they formally met. Reba was more than happy to let Parton take her spot and could have taken all her time to be honest. 

4. She first realized she was famous when ordering a product over the phone

Reba said that the first time she felt famous was back in the day when she was ordering something from a catalog. The operator taking her order recognized her voice and said “Are you Reba McEntire?” and then went back to taking her order. Reba said that was the first time she was recognized just from her voice. 

5. Her two most streamed songs are covers

"Fancy" is Reba’s most streamed song. If you didn’t know, it’s actually a cover. She was originally told not to record “Fancy." Reba said it was discussed years before it was released by her, but she was convinced not to record it because it would be too close to the release of the original. She recorded it years later and it became her signature song. Her 2nd most streamed song also happens to be a cover “The Nights The Lights Went Out with Georgia” which was originally by Vicki Lawrence. Reba said she was friends with Vicki and she loved the fact that Reba covered the song. It was Vicki’s only number 1 song. Reba even went on Vicki’s TV show to sing with her. 

Listen to the full interview on the BobbyCast!