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Amy Has "Bonehead Moment" With Her Newly Painted Porch & Her Dog

Earlier this year, Amy and her family moved into their new home. Ever since, they've been busy making it their home and some of that has involved painting.

They had a big paint job done with the whole house, and recently they had a paint job done for their back porch. They got the paint done on the back porch and the painters told Amy to keep anything off of it until it dries. However, Amy forgot about it all a few hours later when she went to take out her dog Kara.

She normally lets Kara out of the house in the backyard and she goes to the bathroom by herself. It wasn't until Kara came back inside the house that Amy remembered the porch was newly painted. Her black fur paws were all white and tracking paint inside on their hardwood floors. Amy had to clean off Kara's paws and the floor and admitted that she felt like a "bonehead" in that moment.