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Lunchbox Shows Off Baby Box 3's Feet In New Photo

Listeners may have noticed an absence in the Bobby Bones Show studio because Lunchbox and his wife just welcomed Baby Box 3 this week!

He's out of the show for a few weeks as they bring the healthy baby home and get adjusted as a family of 5. So far, Lunchbox hasn't shared whether Baby Box 3 is a boy or girl, but people are making their guesses on his social media posts. He recently shared a stamp print of Baby Box 3's feet from the hospital. They are assuming in the comments that because the photo has a pink tint, they welcomed a baby girl. For their first two children, Lunchbox and his wife didn't find out the gender of their baby until birth and the same thing happened with Baby Box 3.

What we do know based on his social media posts is that mama and baby are healthy. He catches up with Eddie and Raymundo from the hospital on their Sore Losers Podcast, which listeners can hear below!