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We've Got An Update With Abby's Dating Dilemma & The Random Texter

Yesterday (October 7), The Bobby Bones Show shared a dating dilemma Phone Screener Abby has been facing. She received a random text with a photo of a headshot of a firefighter posing in front of a fire engine from a phone number she didn't know. After Abby ignored the text thinking it was an accident, the person sent a follow up text stating he sent it to the wrong number. Abby playfully responded back with fire emojis and it led to them having a text conversation where the guy admitted the photo was meant for the fire chief, for the website. It was all a total accident that he texted her.

The show debated about their theories on the situation with some thinking it was a scam, some thinking it was a catfish, others thinking it's fate, while one had a particular theory with a past experience. After some further developments, Abby was brave enough to FaceTime the random texter while on the show today. She found out he was not a catfish and he was indeed a real person. Which marked out the possibilities of a catfish or a scam.

Now Abby is trying to figure out if this guy is truly a random texter, or if Morgan's theory is correct in that he found her number on the Internet, knows she's on the show, and is being deceitful by masquerading as a random texter. Either at this point are viable options, but we have to wait the weekend to find out if any more developments happen!