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Leah Remini On What Role She's Most Known For, Her Podcast & Game Show

Leah Remini is currently hosting a new game show, but fans of hers have known her for years for several of her big projects. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the entirety of her career.

People Puzzler is back for Season 2 on weeknights on Game Show Network and Remini is the host. Despite having a very serious podcast, Remini wanted to do something that was fun and allowed her to laugh and connect with people. Though she said it does come with challenges. She noted that doing 6 shows a day with people who have never been on television means she has to be a gracious host. She has to always be aware of the contestants comfortability with the situation. Remini also confessed that sometimes on set she gets yelled at for talking too much during commercial breaks.

The serious podcast Remini referred to is the podcast she does called Scientology: Fair Game with Mike Rinder. It's all about exposing the terrible truth about scientology's Fair Game doctrine. She talked with Bobby Bones about the general topic of cults and how she's always shocked hearing the stories behind situations like that. But she also noted that she has sympathy because the people who end up involved in cults were always just trying to make a better life for themselves and got caught up in the wrong situation.

The game show and podcast are just two of the things Remini is working on right now. However, she is most notably known for her roles in the popular TV shows Saved By The Bell and King Of Queens. When asked what she gets recognized the most from, she noted that it's both in a way. Often times fans tell her they saw her first on Saved By The Bell, but then King Of Queens was on television so frequently that they also recognize her for her role in that sitcom.