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TMSG: Couple Marries At Closed Canada Border So Bride's Family Can Attend

Before the pandemic, people were able to cross over the U.S.-Canada border as frequently as needed. However, the borders have been closed and have yet to reopen which means some people can't see their family members.

That's the case for Karen Mahoney, but not only can she not visit them, her family isn't able to come over for her upcoming wedding. Mahoney was set to marry Brian Ray. They met as children and thirty-five years later, their friendship turned into love and Ray recently proposed to Mahoney. They didn't want to have a long engagement and planned to get married quickly.

A month out from their set wedding date, they found out the border would still be closed and her family wouldn't be able to travel over the border for the upcoming nuptials. That's when another childhood friend came into the picture, "Border Brian" who works as a border patrol agent. He helped them secure a special wedding location right on the border so Mahoney's family could attend.

The couple shared their vows on the Jamieson Line Border Crossing between Burke, New York and Quebec, Canada. Mahoney and Ray stood on the New York side along with their pastor and maid-of-honor. On the Canada side was Mahoney's parents and her 96-year-old grandmother. The couple then had their planned wedding with the rest of their guests the next day.

Photo: Getty Images