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TMSG: Teen Builds Free Wheelchairs For Disabled Dogs & Cats

16-year-old Shaine Kilyun is a huge animal lover and made it her mission to help disabled animals.

Two years ago, Kilyun started studying some YouTube tutorials and then continued with trial and error to create hand-crafted pet wheelchairs for disabled pets. She's been manufacturing the wheelchairs in her spare time, she told Fox 9, "I just love animals and I wanted to make a difference somehow. I've saved a few lives and I really hope to save more."

Kilyun launched her organization Wheelies Dog and Cat Wheelchairs and only charges people the cost of her materials. The savings are substantial for any owners or rescues with disabled pets, $300 for one of her creations versus $1,000 for similar devices. To date, she has created close to a dozen front-support, full-support, and back-support models. She's helped a variety of animals from a Chihuahua in Ohio to a Great Dane in Oregon.

Check out her Instagram here to see all of her happy furry customers!

Photo: Getty Images