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Bobby's Dentist On Bad Breath & People Confessing On Laughing Gas

Bobby & Amy's dentist Dr. Jeff Trembley called into The Bobby Bones Show to answer all kinds of dentistry related questions.

When it comes to laughing gas, Dr. Trembley shared that you're actually not as "knocked" out as people think. Patients are still very much in control of their consciousness, so in his time as a dentist he hasn't had anyone confess anything big. However, if someone were to confess something big, then he would definitely contact the cops if necessary. He admitted during dental school that everyone got to feel the laughing gas and anesthetic on themselves so they knew what their patients would feel. However, they never felt the deep sedation personally.

Thankfully, he's never had to deal with patients having bad breath. The equipment his office uses thankfully blocks out any possibility of bad breath impacting him. He also noted that as a dentist, it's just something he's used to at this point. As for some other frequently asked questions, Dr. Trembley shared some answers we've all been wanting to know. If you're planning to drink sugary drinks, he suggests drinking it down quickly. The worst part about sugary drinks is that the sugar sits on your teeth. So if a patient wants to drink sugary drinks, he suggests drinking it down then brushing your teeth to avoid any long term impacts. If you're dealing with constant bad breath, he suggests making sure there aren't any viral infections in your mouth causing the issue. Then if it's just a bad breath issue, he says regular brushing, mouth wash, and tongue scrapers are all helpful to avoid bad breath. If a client wants whiter teeth, Dr. Trembley suggests doing it at home yourself. He says a client isn't going to get white teeth in one session in their office, but rather doing whitening trays every night for a few weeks.

Dentists sometimes also have to deal with law enforcement. They can help identify a victim by their dental records. However, Dr. Trembley is thankful he's never had to pull any forensics on his patients.