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Amy Embarrassed Herself In Front Of Ashley McBryde During Show Recording

The Women Of iHeartCountry show features a playlist from all of the women in country music hosted by Amy. Recently, she had Ashley McBryde in the studio to record the weekend's show. She admitted during The Bobby Bones Show today (October 14) that something embarrassing went down during their interview.

Amy recalls sitting in her usual seat in the studio, while McBryde was sitting across from her on the studio's stage. McBryde was trying to get to her water that was on the floor while also holding onto her guitar. Amy wanted to get up and help, but when she got up to help she forgot she had her headphones in her ears. So as she was standing up, Amy's headphones pulled her back. She said it felt chaotic and she just ended up sitting back down and they got to recording like nothing happened. Amy admits it was very embarrassing for her, not only because she forget about her headphones but because it was in front of McBryde and she felt like it made her look like an amateur.

The Women Of iHeartCountry show with Ashley McBryde drops next weekend, October 22nd. Mark it as a favorite show below!