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TMSG: Kids Push Elderly Woman's Broken Down Scooter Back Home In Rain

It was raining in Florida one Sunday night when Katty Castro saw a very heartwarming moment transpire.

Castro saw four "helpful boys" pushing an older woman on her broken-down scooter back home through the heavy rain. The woman lives in the Florida Living Retirement Community where Castro works. Apparently she got stranded near the 7-Eleven on State Road 436 and Bear Lake Road.

Castro took photos of the four boys pushing the woman uphill in the rain while the woman held an umbrella. Her Nextdoor post applauded the boys saying, "I am so happy to see these kind of helpful boys pushing an old lady on her scooter during the heavy rain this evening. [...] They kindly pushed her up all the way to her community on Edgehill Place. I was so moved.”

Photo: Getty Images