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Kelly Clarkson Didn't Know Steve Carell Was Screaming Her Name In Movie

Kelly Clarkson has a lot of exciting happenings in her life right now between a new Christmas album, her talk show, collaborations, and that's just a few of the things. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually to share all the updates.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is a newer venture to Clarkson's list of projects and despite it being on every day, Clarkson says it's really not exhausting. She loves getting to do it and loves working with all of the great people she has on staff. She notes that some days she feels drained, in a good way. They bring on people who have great stories to share and she feels like she cries every day. She also gets to do music with the show, but she admitted there are some days she doesn't want to sing. So when they get "Kelly-oke" suggestions sent in by fans, she will sometimes choose songs that are a little bit easier on those days. On top of filming for her TV show, she's also still filming for The Voice and those days are a lot longer for her.

As if filming two TV shows wasn't enough, Clarkson just released a new Christmas album When Christmas Comes Around. She actually recorded half of it at her TV studio. While some artists have to deck out their studios to look like Christmas to get in the mood to record, Clarkson admitted that's not what happens with her. She is a "child at heart" so she doesn't need decorations, and also admittedly she likes listening to Christmas music in June just to make her happy when she needs it. The album features collaborations with Chris Stapleton, Brett Eldredge, and Ariana Grande. The Stapleton collaboration made her so excited. Clarkson admitted she has been turned down by a lot of people to sing with her in her career, so she was nervous to ask him. After she did, he turned it around super fast. Then she sent him a video geeking out and saying thank you, however she joked that she never heard from him again after that video. Clarkson continued sharing that there are few artists who make her want to be a better singer and inspire her creatively, he is one of them. Though she mentions that she hopes her fans aren't expecting a similar holiday project to Wrapped In Red, because she was on a much different journey when she put together When Christmas Comes Around. Despite it being a holiday project, Clarkson shares it's a very honest album.

On some random topics; Bobby Bones asked Clarkson if she knew her name was going to be mentioned in the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin with Steve Carell. Carell's character goes to get a full body wax and screams "Kelly Clarkson" when it's happening. Clarkson admittedly had no idea. She actually went to see another movie at the theater and the preview for that movie was on. She heard her name but thought one of her friends said it. Then she met some fans outside of the theater and they told her, her name was mentioned in the movie preview. Meeting Carell years later, Clarkson told him that he set her up for failure because she will never be able to top that in her career. As for social media, Clarkson confessed she doesn't have any social media apps on her phone. She watched Social Dilemma on Netflix and deleted all of her apps because of that. Now her team runs her social accounts and posts for her, she just sends them various things to post.