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Ryan Hurd On Why He Named His Debut Full Length Album 'Pelago'

Ryan Hurd's new debut full length album Pelago is out today. He's been a songwriter and an artist in country music for years, so this album is a long time coming for Hurd. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new project and he performed one of the songs.

The name of the album actually comes from a writing session. Hurd shared he was writing the song "Coast" and he needed a word that rhymed with Chicago. He found out "Pelago" actually means something in another language, it means sea and overwhelming passion. He thought that would make the perfect name to be the umbrella over all of the album's songs. On the album is his duet with Maren Morris "Chasing After You." He shared that duet is actually what led him to this debut album.

Before Hurd pursued being an artist, he's been songwriting for years. "Chasing After You" with Morris is actually his 4th single to country radio. With his debut album, Hurd has loved the opportunity to have the experience as an artist and help other songwriters get their songs recorded for a project. Hurd humbly said he's grateful to the songwriters for letting him have their songs.

For the first time, Ryan Hurd performed his song "Tab With My Name On It" from Pelago.