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Eddie & His Wife Officially Adopted Their Two Foster Kids

Eddie and his wife officially adopted their two foster kids!

For as long as Eddie can remember, his wife has wanted to be foster parents. However, Eddie was the road block because he felt like they were in a good place with their family. They went forward with the foster parent process about 3 years ago now and welcomed in one foster kid, a newborn. A little bit later, their foster kid's sibling also needed a foster home. Eddie and his wife took him in, giving them 2 foster kids along with their 2 sons. Eddie admitted that when they hit the year and a half mark, he couldn't picture his without without the two foster kids in their lives forever.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (October 18), Eddie shared that he and his wife after months of pushed back dates due to COVID, they had their court date where they legally adopted their 2 foster sons! The judge approved the adoption, and they are now officially a family of 6. At the court hearing, all of the boys wore Dallas Cowboys jerseys. Eddie and his wife are excited that things are official now especially because it means people will stop having to be at their home. He shared that when you're a foster home, a lot of people like foster care workers come to the house weekly and monthly to check in. Now, Eddie is excited for their family of 6 to just live their normal lives.

Eddie believes he saw some relief in his oldest foster son after they left the court house and the adoption was finalized. However, he doesn't open up too much so it's a little hard to know for sure. When they got home, he told Eddie that he wanted to start learning Spanish, and he wanted to have tacos for dinner because he was "officially a Garcia now!"