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TMSG: 97-Year-Old Beats Breast Cancer & Gets To Attend Family Wedding

97-year-old Tennie Burkett Ivy was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2020 while in the middle of the pandemic.

Despite the battle ahead of her, Ivy couldn't stand the idea of missing her last grandchild's wedding. So Ivy went through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Not only does she no longer have cancer, but she also has great memories from her grandson's wedding because she was able to attend.

She told Click 2 Houston, “I had to go to that wedding. I had been to all three and it was in Greenville, South Carolina, and I said I’ve got to get well for that." And she did exactly that. Ivy told the news station that she believes you're never too old to fight cancer. She thinks she did so well with her battle because she leads a healthy life with a good diet and daily exercise.

Photo: Getty Images