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Movie Mike D's See It Or Skip It: 'Halloween Kills'

Halloween is my favorite horror movie Franchise. I think Michael Myers is the best serial killer hands down. The original Halloween is my favorite horror movie and I’ve seen every sequel and reboot so I had to see this one. I opted to watch it on Peacock streaming service instead of going to the theaters. I got a $5 membership for the month just to watch this...and am happy with that decision. 

This is the sequel from the 2018 reboot and takes a page from Halloween 2 from 1981. You have Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode as well as some of the original characters from the first movie. I think they were going for the nostalgia factor on this movie and making it as close to the original storyline to get fans back excited about this one...but they got several things wrong in my opinion. I’m a fan of gore and violence in horror movies, but that’s not what Halloween was built on. The first movie had very little blood and it was director John Carpenter DIDN’T show you that made it so much more suspenseful.

Michael Myers is also not as brutal as a killer. While yes, he is slashing people’s throats and strangling people...he’s not the super villain he’s made to be in Halloween Kills. So for those reasons, I felt Halloween Kills lacked identity. It wanted to honor the original while at the same time being this blood bath. The key to Michael Myers charm is creating suspense...where is he going to pop out next?? That type of scares. This movie was just your average slasher film...where there is just some dude killing for no real reason. You don’t care whether any of the characters live or die. By the end, you’re rooting for Michael to take them all out. The story drags spending so much time in the hospital. Didn’t they learn from the mistakes of Halloween 2?? And some of the characters and scenes are just too cheesy. When the whole town bands together to track down Michael...I thought it was a borderline parody of a Halloween movie. 

As a Halloween fan ...I was disappointed. A very uninspiring installment. 2.5 out of 5 Jack-o'-lanterns. Skip it!

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