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TMSG: Good Samaritan Saves Life Of 72-Year-Old Stuck On Train Tracks

Kane County Sheriff's deputies in Illinois responded to a report of a vehicle hit by a train. Upon their arrival, they learned a good Samaritan saved the life of a person in the vehicle.

A 72-year-old man had turned west onto the railroad tracks and proceeded to drive down the tracks before the vehicle got stuck. A nearby resident was passing by and saw the tires on the vehicle spinning. The good Samaritan left his vehicle to check on the driver and found the driver appeared to be suffering from a medical emergency and couldn't move.

The good Samaritan saw a train coming, so he called the police and then unbuckled the driver and pulled him from the vehicle. The pair then tumbled down the side of the tracks just as the train collided with the vehicle.

Sheriff Ron Hain told WGN9, "Every day, we see the people of Kane County doing charitable and even courageous things for one another. It is no surprise that one of our own sprang into action just in time to save another."

Photo: Getty Images