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Abby's Dating Dilemma With The Random Texter Has Come To An End

Abby's dating dilemma with the random texter has officially ended.

For those just joining the story for the first time, here is a recap. Abby was sent a random text with a photo of a headshot of a firefighter posing in front of a fire engine from a phone number she didn't know. After Abby ignored the text thinking it was an accident, the person sent a follow up text stating he sent it to the wrong number. Abby playfully responded back with fire emojis and it led to them having a text conversation where the guy admitted the photo was meant for his fire chief. Then Abby FaceTimed the random texter, and she was able to confirm that he was indeed a real person and the same guy in the original photo. They exchanged several text messages and he even sent Abby some proof to help solidify his story when she questioned him. He told her that he was single, has kids, and revealed his age. When Abby checked the fire chief's phone number to see if it was legit, she found a lot of mismatching information. Though he did FaceTime her from the firehouse to try to confirm for her that he worked there. Over the course of their talking, Abby also found out he blocked her via Instagram. Everyone on the show could see his Instagram profile, but she couldn't. Another added detail, he recently shared he started listening to the show via podcast to hear what they were saying about his situation after people messaged him on social media.

In today's likely final update (October 20), Abby shared that she decided to stop talking to him all together. She just went with her own feelings and felt there were so many red flags. What she learned is that he is a real person, however she was likely never going to get the honest answers about why he started texting her in the first place. Bobby shared that he had a background check done on the guy and learned some things. Without giving away too much, he told Abby it was best to stay away. There was nothing that said she was in physical danger, but likely some emotional danger.