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Bobby & Eddie Place Bet Over Rolling Stones Concert

We all reach a point in our lives where we stop remembering some small details of our lives. That was the case with this recent bet between Bobby and Eddie.

Eddie saw The Rolling Stones several years ago and swore that Bobby was the one who went to the concert along with him. Though Bobby was convinced he has never been to The Rolling Stones concert. With both of them believing their side to the story, they placed a bet on the situation. Whoever was incorrect would have to cook the other person dinner and would have to be cuddled by a professional cuddler in The Bobby Bones Show studio.

After some social media digging, Mike D found a post from Eddie on his Facebook page from over 5 years ago. Eddie had posted from the Rolling Stones concert and he was actually with "Justin the Suit" which was an old producer for the show. This meant Bobby won the bet since he knew he wasn't at the concert with Eddie.

Now Eddie has to cook up some food for Bobby and his wife Caitlin, and in the coming weeks, be cuddled in studio by a professional cuddler.