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Raymundo Was Rejected For a Selfie With A Famous Actress

Raymundo was out at the bars in Nashville for a bachelor party when he spotted a celebrity.

He shared on The Bobby Bones Show (October 21) that while he was at a club with his boys he saw a celebrity by themselves. He revealed it was the actress Leslie Mann. He saw her just standing next to the dance floor by herself and decided to go up and talk to her. According to him, they had a fun conversation about him being a big fan ever since he saw her in Big Daddy.

In true Raymundo fashion, he told her he wanted to take a selfie with her to document their meeting. When he went to take the selfie, he claims her manager walked up and pushed his arm down and told him no photos. He persisted a second time, but they told him there were no selfies allowed. Raymundo claims that she took photos with fans at other bars, but for some reason not at that particular club. Meanwhile the show said he shouldn't have asked a second time for a photo after being told no and they're on Leslie and her team's side with the situation.