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TMSG: 5-Year-Old Sells His Pumpkins To Raise Money For Others

A pumpkin harvest in central Minnesota has 5-year-old Emmitt proud of his crops and happy to help others.

What started as father and son bonding turned into something more when their patch last season produced 200 pumpkins. They weren't sure what to do with all of them. Emmitt's mom Anna told CBS Minnesota, “We thought this would be a good opportunity for Emmitt to learn how to make his own money and manage funds. So we said, ‘Emmitt if you want to try to sell some we’d be more than happy to help you with that." They set this up through an honor system on the side of the road. Emmitt earned a little over $400 for his pumpkins. And his parents had taught him about how money can be used to help others. On his own, Emmitt decided to donate all of his profits to Toys For Tots.

This season, they didn't have much rain so there weren't as many pumpkins. However, after last season, all of Emmitt's pumpkins were spoken for and he's planning to donate the $100 he raised to build a new playground at his church.

Photo: Getty Images