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Self Exams, Pink Washing, Nipple Restoration, and More!! (5th Thing)

This ‘5th thing’ episode is full of a lot of different things! First Kat & Amy chat about adulting and doing self exams to check for breast cancer. Also, have you ever heard of pink washing?? This was something new they just learned about and it’s a very interesting thing to be aware of during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Later in the episode, Amy shares a conversation she had with Meegen Pearson about nipple restoration. Meegen has been on the podcast before talking about micro-blading Amy’s eyebrows…but now she’s taken her tattooing skills a step further to help women feel more like themselves after mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries. It’s very cool what she’s able to do and it’s changing the confidence of so many women! Meegen’s tattooed nipples are 3D and look so real. Check out her Instagram, @Beauty.By.Meegen, for pictures! You can also see her brow work on that page! She is the best in town, so check her out if you’re in Nashville and want to get your brows done!! 

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