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Bobby Recalls Situation With His Biological Father & His Family

Bobby Bones recalled a situation with his biological father and his family years ago while discussing the mailbag on The Bobby Bones Show today. A listener wrote in because her daughter was receiving gifts from her biological father's family for Christmas, but that was the only involvement they had in her life.

Bones shared that years ago when he was in his early 20s, before he ever met up with his father for the first time in his 30s, his biological father's grandmother reached out to him. She invited him to their family's Christmas because none of them had seen him in years. He verified with some of the family that his biological father wouldn't be in attendance, and they all said he wouldn't be. However, when Bones showed up to the Christmas celebration, his biological father was there. Bones said while he was there, his biological father asked him if he was there to beat him up. He was shocked at the question and only lasted for about 15 minutes before deciding it wasn't a good situation for him to be in, so Bones left. It wasn't until years later that he spoke with his father officially for the first time since he was a kid.