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Someone On The Show Had To Drink The World's Hottest Shot

The Bobby Bones Show took on another challenge today (October 26) that had the studio looking a lot like a hospital scene.

Someone on the show had to drink the world's hottest shot. The shot is an overproof rum infused with Carolina Reaper Peppers, produced and sold by the Wiltshire Chili Farm in the UK for just $20 a bottle. The wheel was brought out including the names of Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan, Raymundo, Mike D, and Scuba Steve. Bobby was excluding because he's never had alcohol before.

After Raymundo, Mike D, and Scuba Steve were taken off the wheel with some spins it was down to Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, and Morgan. The wheel kept spinning and hitting blank spots so they determined whoever it landed on next would be the one to take the shot. The wheel landed between Amy and Eddie. So they had to do some coin flips to determine the actual person to take the shot.

Amy ultimately lost the coin flips and had to take the shot. However, things did not go well. She took the shot and it immediately came back up and into the trash can. She left the studio for the rest of the show. Meanwhile, when Bobby poured the shot for Amy, he got some on his hands. He rubbed his eyes shortly after and ended up having the shot in his eyes.

Between Amy and Bobby being taken care of, the studio definitely looked like a hospital scene. Watch for yourself how it all went down below!