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TMSG: Boaters Rescue Dog From Open Ocean & Find The Dog's Family

A group of friends were out on the water in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for some boat fun when they saved a life.

According to NBC2 News, Bryn Crowell and her friends were riding around on their boat in the waters of Fort Lauderdale when they discovered a small dog struggling to stay afloat out in the open ocean. They rescued the dog from the waters and brought it aboard their boat.

In a now viral TikTok video of the life-saving effort, someone from the boat is seen in the rough water holding onto the small dog. They paddled back to the boat together, where everyone quickly surrounded the pup.

In a series of follow-up TikTok videos, Crowell explained that after saving the pup, they called the number on the tag attached to the dog's collar. Turns out the dog's owners were on a boat ride earlier when the pup went overboard and despite their search efforts, couldn't find him. The owner identified the dog as Zuko and they were relieved, crying and thankful for the group of boaters.

Crowell and her friends took Zuko home, and Zuko's owners actually gave the group $300 to cover their gas costs as a thank you.

Photo: Getty Images