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Raymundo Pitches Idea For Bobby To Send Him On A Trip To New York

Raymundo has a segment that he likes to call "Access to everything, Can't do anything." In this segment he b rings things up on The Bobby Bones Show that he got invited to go do, but can't do them because of his job.

In today's latest edition of the segment, Raymundo revealed he was sent an email from the BET Soul Train Awards. They asked if he would like to be a red carpet correspondent for his media outlet, aka The Bobby Bones Show. While the awards show isn't in the country genre, the show noted it was cool they were trying to do some cross-genre things. Raymundo told the show he really wanted to go, it's in Harlem in New York and he found some flights that were under $100, round trip. But he was asking for Bobby Bones or the show, to pay for the trip.

After some research, Scuba Steve found that the trip would actually cost closer to $800 with flight, hotel, car, and food accommodations. The price could go down if Raymundo takes the flight via Spirit Airlines where the trip is under $100 roundtrip.