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Bobby Purchases Raymundo's Bins Full Of Beanie Babies & Barbies

According to the Internet, Beanie Babies are making a comeback for anyone looking to sell their collection from their childhood. Beanie Babies, along with several other nostalgic toys, have been selling for big prices on places like eBay and Etsy.

Raymundo was tasked by his wife to get rid of all the Beanie Babies she had from her childhood that were just hanging out at her mom's home. She didn't care how he got rid of them and she allowed him to sell them however he saw fit. Eddie saw Raymundo along with Scuba Steve in the work parking lot doing a "sketchy deal." Scuba Steve was going through Raymundo's bins of Beanie Babies and Barbies trying to find the most valuable pieces. He purchased two named Hoppity and Snort from Ray that he felt would resell for big prices.

Eddie talking about the sketchy deal went in a different direction though. Bobby wanted in on the Beanie Babies, and he wanted to purchase all of the bins for $100, Barbies included. Raymundo took the deal and now Bones is the proud owner of all the Beanie Babies and Barbies from the back of Raymundo's truck.