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Lunchbox Just Discovered A Popular App For The First Time

Lunchbox is arguably the most technology-challenged on The Bobby Bones Show. He's often complaining about technology and shares stories about complications with using such things in his daily life.

He just got back from paternity leave and is sharing stories from his time away. While Lunchbox and his wife were at the hospital for the birth of their third child, they didn't want to eat hospital food. So he started searching the Internet for a restaurant to deliver and kept getting frustrated. Then someone told him to check out the app UberEats that delivers all kinds of restaurants to where you are. Lunchbox was totally shocked and fell in love with the app because he could get food from almost any restaurant in Nashville.

He brought up the app on the show and wanted everyone to know about it. Though, we made sure to let him know that the app has actually been around for several years, since 2014 to be exact. So while Lunchbox is a little late on the app trend, he wants to make sure everyone knows about it now.