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TMSG: Hospital Staff Donates 240 Hours Of Time Off To Coworker For Surgery

Elizabeth Obregon has had a crazy last few years after battling cervical cancer, COVID, and having her first child. Now she has some serious heroes in her life to thank for stepping up to help.

Before the pandemic in 2018, Obregon was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had surgery in 2019 to remove it, but she opted out of a hysterectomy because she wanted a baby. Fast forward to April of 2020, she found out she was pregnant. Obregon went through the pandemic with a high risk pregnancy, and got COVID causing her to miss a month of work. Besides being born a month early, her baby Elijah was healthy.

However, this past summer, Obregon's oncologist wanted her to have a hysterectomy before her cancer started to spread. After the last year she had and being a single mother, Obregon couldn't miss work with enough time to recover from the procedure. Her co-workers heard about her situation and anonymously donated 240 hours of paid-time-off, which was enough for her to get the surgery and be able to recover. That same day she got the news about her co-workers generosity, her oncologist called to let her know they wouldn't need to do chemotherapy or radiation.

Photo: Getty Images